Road Cycling Lanzarote 2018

Dec 29, 2020Dolomites, Holiday, Photos, Suedtirol

Lanzarote vacation April 2018

This was our second try to find a good destination for road cycling vacations. After our first vacation in Mallorca, which seems to be the standard for most road cyclers, we wanted to try something different. (Although Mallorca was good !)

So this year we chose Lanzarote.

Since last time it was a complicated process of booking everything for ourselves (flight, hotel, bike rental), we decided to go with a professional tour operator this time.
One of the biggest (or the biggest ?) provider is a company called Hürzeler.

The experience and service was quite satisfying ! We can surely recommend booking with that company, especially for beginners !

So all in all we had a good time in Lanzarote, despite a strong wind blowing all day, every day….now we now what trade winds are…

Enjoy a few photos of the trip !

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